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Outside the comfortable zone

UPDATE – Here’s me on stage at the event (pic courtesy of Bad Language Dan): Last night I stepped on a stage for the first time since playing Joseph in the nativity aged nine and read out (with a little

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A Short Piece About Modern Love

A text from her. “I’m listening to Camera Obscura. Can’t stop thinking of you. Is that weird?” My head says: “It’s not weird. You have history with those songs. You’re friends now, that’s all.” My heart does a foxtrot and

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Foreheads bring you power

  The people have spoken: the fringe is dead. We’re now in an age were the forehead rules. Gone from power are floppy-haired politicians such as Major and Hesletine, now we have smooth-faced men with vast expanses of flesh below

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Download all three parts of Bamboo for FREE

I’ve collated all three parts of Bamboo and converted into a pdf so can you can read at your leisure. I would supply an epub file but WordPress doesn’t support this yet.

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Enough of ennui

Ennui is one of those words that every time I read it I can never remember what it means. Further reading of the sentence or paragraph doesn’t help me work it out either. Its usage seems to have spread like

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The Crapness of Modern Day TV Quizzes

TV quizzes used to be great. The hosts would indiscriminately fire questions at contestants like a Gatling gun with diahorrea. The likes of 15 to 1, Blockbusters and University Challenge knew their audience and pitched questions perfectly and quickly, so

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Bamboo – Part 3

John Bradshaw’s reign of terror continued past Christmas and into the New Year and without fail, Lloyd continued to ignore any provocation that came his. After a while John moved onto other targets where he would get more of a

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