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Sunny Day up Skiddaw

When you’ve booked a random day off to go walking it’s great when the weather turns out nice and you pick a place with suitable scenery to match. This happened the other day when I planned to visit Skiddaw, which

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Rampant Regeneration

Mark stood on the artificial promontory he’d constructed as an offshoot to his chimney stack. Looking out over his estate he saw acre upon acre stretching into the distance. He bent down and placed his golf ball on the tee.

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Meal Deal Vs Butties

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Who’s there?

I’ve a month long holiday planned later in the year and heading off to New Zealand. Being an organised person I’ve been doing the usual desk research (looking at guide books, scouring the internet) and been trying to hunt out

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Butter knives

There are two types of people in this world: Those that have butter knives and those who use whatever they have to hand.

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Keep on your mean side

As a youth he’d collected the pennies from the playground floor and saved them in an old zip-up suitcase that had belonged to his Nan. He loved to sit and count pennies into piles and race toy cars around the

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