Enough of ennui

Ennui is one of those words that every time I read it I can never remember what it means. Further reading of the sentence or paragraph doesn’t help me work it out either. Its usage seems to have spread like a silent, smelly fart in a pub; you don’t notice it at first, you wonder what everyone is talking about and making funny faces at, but then you get it and but you wish hadn’t bothered.

It seems to have overtaken zeitgeist as the go-to-word for journalists who are trying to capture a sense of specific time (which is usually something that only happened yesterday or that week): maybe we are in a time of deep and luscious ennui? (Can you work out what it means just from that sentence? I can’t and I wrote it.)

As to the point of this, well I just read the word used in a newspaper article on the football transfer window. Call me old-fashioned – though not in the Keys and Gray school – but I like to read sports articles without the use of a dictionary.

Now please excuse me, I think I’m going to take two ennui and have a lie down, all this learning is making me listless and has given me a headache.

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