Foreheads bring you power


President Hu - Wikimedia Commons/

The people have spoken: the fringe is dead.

We’re now in an age were the forehead rules. Gone from power are floppy-haired politicians such as Major and Hesletine, now we have smooth-faced men with vast expanses of flesh below their hairline.

I’m not talking about bald men either. These are men with hair placed proudly on top of their heads like a hat. Cameron, Obama, Sarkozy, Hu all like to flash their flesh. I wonder if they sit at G12 summits and dream of having a forehead as powerful as Putin’s?

The last Prime Minister we had in the UK with a fringe was Gordon Brown who wasn’t elected and could often be seen sweeping his wavy fringe off his face, giving space for his forehead to shine. When Nick Clegg became leader of the Lib Dems he had a fringe but now his up in the big house, it’s all gone, pushed atop of his noggin.

Where will it all end? Maybe the next revolution will be led by the hairy and fringeful.
The Hirsute Revolution.
You heard it here first.

Dave 'BS' Cameron - Wikimedia Commons/World Economic Forum

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