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Sunday Tea Times (with Nat Baldwin, Songs for Walter, and New Hips at Islington Mill)

Around this time last week, instead of my usual routine of ironing work clothes while watching Antiques Roadshow and Countryfile, I went to Islington Mill in Salford for a Sunday tea time show. They had a band I really liked

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Top 3 Bad Guys in John Hughes’ Films

John Hughes made some of the greatest films for teenagers ever. While the main characters such as Buck, Ferris, and Kevin are the ones who people remember the most, this post isn’t about them. It’s about the guys that made

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A book in a day

It’s been ages since I’ve been able to read a book in a day. Long gone are the student days wasted away hammering a good book and now holidays tend to be taken up with activities such as hiking, snowboarding,

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Sunny Day up Skiddaw

When you’ve booked a random day off to go walking it’s great when the weather turns out nice and you pick a place with suitable scenery to match. This happened the other day when I planned to visit Skiddaw, which

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Who’s there?

I’ve a month long holiday planned later in the year and heading off to New Zealand. Being an organised person I’ve been doing the usual desk research (looking at guide books, scouring the internet) and been trying to hunt out

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Outside the comfortable zone

UPDATE – Here’s me on stage at the event (pic courtesy of Bad Language Dan): Last night I stepped on a stage for the first time since playing Joseph in the nativity aged nine and read out (with a little

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Foreheads bring you power

  The people have spoken: the fringe is dead. We’re now in an age were the forehead rules. Gone from power are floppy-haired politicians such as Major and Hesletine, now we have smooth-faced men with vast expanses of flesh below

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