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Modern Life is Rubbish (a tribute to Alex James)

I am the man who leaves out that vital screw in your IKEA flatpack. I am the ubiquity of scarves. I am the woman who first called second-hand, vintage. I am the man who moved the green man from the

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A Surprise Star

It’s 2007. High-up in the Los Angeles hills, reclining by a sunglasses-shaped swimming pool in the warm dusk of another sunny Californian day is Brian Cox. He has a toe dipped coquettishly in the water while he sips on an

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I’m sat with 17. I know it’s a good hand, maybe not the best, but a good hand nonetheless. The wisdom in these situations is to stick. That’s the odds, play the odds not the cards. But the thing is

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Lunchtime Stories – Blossomless

She was sat in a patch of sun, under a tree that had lost its blossom in the wind to the grass below. She looked so sad and unhappy as if a dream had been cruelly taken from her. The

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Rampant Regeneration

Mark stood on the artificial promontory he’d constructed as an offshoot to his chimney stack. Looking out over his estate he saw acre upon acre stretching into the distance. He bent down and placed his golf ball on the tee.

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Keep on your mean side

As a youth he’d collected the pennies from the playground floor and saved them in an old zip-up suitcase that had belonged to his Nan. He loved to sit and count pennies into piles and race toy cars around the

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A Short Piece About Modern Love

A text from her. “I’m listening to Camera Obscura. Can’t stop thinking of you. Is that weird?” My head says: “It’s not weird. You have history with those songs. You’re friends now, that’s all.” My heart does a foxtrot and

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