Outside the comfortable zone

UPDATE – Here’s me on stage at the event (pic courtesy of Bad Language Dan):


Last night I stepped on a stage for the first time since playing Joseph in the nativity aged nine and read out (with a little performance added) to an audience.

I’ll admit to being a bit nervous, but not as bad as for job interviews, but it was good fun to do and having about four minutes for a room to give you their whole attention is mildly addictive. I think people laughed a couple of times and in the right places which was a bonus and Dan, the compere, even pronounced my name correctly. I even got applause at the end. I think I’m a little early in my career to expect an encore though.

I wrote the piece I performed – which is available below – for an open mic night run by the good folks of Bad Language Manchester at the Castle Hotel in Manchester.

I was second up on stage so it gave me a chance to relax and listen to the next dozen or so people who gave a performance, which were a variety of poetry and short stories from people of all ages on subjects as diverse as escaping death from zombiefied famous female authors, the death of tooth fairies, how best to deal with rude customers, a steampunk-themed poem on Queen Elizabeth I, and (I think my favourite) a piece that was written and delivered excellently on mental health issues (this is drastically underselling it!) that focussed on a fear of one magpie. Every piece gave you something to think about.

So now I’ve got the bug, I think I’ll be giving it another go and try to raise my game.



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One comment on “Outside the comfortable zone
  1. curlyshirley says:

    First visit to Bad Language last night, was v impressed. I enjoyed your piece very much, keep up the good work!

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