Places that weren’t where you thought they were – Pontefract (part three of three)

There's a racecourse in Pontefract

There were a fair number of people brave enough to agree with me that they too thought Billericay was in Ireland somewhere. One of them is now a reporter on the local Billericay newspaper (true fact) but no one was willing to share the same thought about Ullapool being anywhere but Scotland. However, I’ve now been told that it is a lovely place to visit so I guess I’ll make it up there sometime.

The final town I’ve misplaced is quite close to where I live. I can’t remember exactly when I stopped thinking Pontefract was in Wales but before then I must’ve passed by the signs for it on the M62 many times.

Personally, I blame Fireman Sam. If I hadn’t been exposed to his cartoon during my early life and heard all about his escapades in his home town of Pontypandy, Wales, then this would never had happened. But it did and I can still remember being in the car, passing by the motorway sign for Pontefract and saying out loud: “I thought Pontefract was in Wales. Why are we going to Wales, Dad? I thought we were going to Hull.”

When this was exactly I can’t (or won’t) say.

Pontefract is of course famous for cake (nope, I’ve never had any either) but here are two other things it’s famous for:

  • Poet laureate Sir John Betjeman wrote a poem entitled “The Licorice Fields at Pontefract”
  • Each year Pontefract has a liquorice festival that celebrates its liquorice heritage
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