Places that weren’t where you thought they were – Ullapool (part two of three)


I’ve never been to the place and hadn’t ever given its location a second thought, but my inclination about Ullapool was that it was somewhere in the north of England, probably east coast over near Scunthorpe.

So imagine my surprise when I saw it on a map and it was all the way up in the north west of Scotland. Of the whole of the UK I didn’t think it would ever be in Scotland. I can’t imagine a Scot saying the word ‘Ullapool’. I’ve given it a go a few times with my finest Scottish accent but I can’t quite make it sound anywhere close. It does however look like rather a nice place to visit with large mountains, seaside and stunning scenery.

It would appear that there are no famous people from Ullapool so here’s a few facts about the place:

  • The North Atlantic Drift passes through the town so even palm trees can grow there
  • You can catch a ferry to Stornaway from the town
  • The largest meteorite ever to have hit the UK struck the Ullapool area around 1.2 billion years ago.
  • It lies on the Eastern shore of Loch Broom
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