Lunchtime Stories – Blossomless

She was sat in a patch of sun, under a tree that had lost its blossom in the wind to the grass below. She looked so sad and unhappy as if a dream had been cruelly taken from her. The tears had been and gone, leaving behind their rawness on her face. Her eyes were swollen fat from her ordeal.

For those moments I felt for her. She was alone on that patch of grass under that blossomless tree yet all around her people were leaving their workplace and heading for home and their loved ones. All of them looking at her from the side of their eyes – I was no different but I felt no inclination to go and help or to see what was wrong. What could I offer to improve her situation?

I’d walked out of the same door perhaps just ten minutes previously yet my emotions were in complete contrast. I was basking in the sunshine, feeling in tune with the Spring happening around me. I had two hearts now beating inside me, I was providing everything for another life to grow. But somehow she had lost all that. Where once there were two heartbeats there was now only one pulse and an unforgettable sorrow.

I glanced back over my shoulder as I fed the parking machine, the scan tightly grasped in my hand with its shadowy images proving of life. I wondered how long she’d be there, if she had anyone who could help but by the time I’d gotten to the car she was forgotten.

The photo was taken by and is reproduced under the Creative Commons licence.

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