Haka Tours’ Snow Tour of New Zealand

Snowboarding is one of those sports that when it finally clicks then all the falls, scrapes, bumps and bruises were really worth it. The feeling of being knee-deep in powder, unable to see your boots or your board and thinking that you’re actually floating is really difficult to describe. It’s best experienced.

I’m visiting New Zealand for a month in August/September to see my brother and his family and had a boarding trip in mind. If you’re used to winter seasons in Europe, where there are massive resorts and everything is organised, from your food to your transfers, then New Zealand would appear to be very different. Smaller resorts, less developed – people tell me it’s like Scotland, which is great as I love Aviemore.

So after a bit of research it appeared that Haka Tours organise small trips around all the small resorts in NZ and cater perfectly for the single traveller (me) and sort out all the lift passes, accommodation, travel, and all the other stuff for you for a price that’s probably cheaper than if I did it myself. And take all the hassle out of it. To say I’m excited about going is an understatement. Previous reviews from others look excellent and like everyone’s having fun and getting in some serious boarding. So I’m hoping for the same; fun times, new friends, new skills, amazing scenery. Only 4.5 months to wait!

I'm hoping for days like this in New Zealand

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