Who’s there?

I’ve a month long holiday planned later in the year and heading off to New Zealand. Being an organised person I’ve been doing the usual desk research (looking at guide books, scouring the internet) and been trying to hunt out some blogs on NZ life in general.

Being from a city with a rich blogging culture (no sniggering now) I thought it would be easier than it has been trying to find similar sites in NZ. First up you’re swamped by adventure tour companies flogging their wares, which is no bad thing as I’m going on one organised by Haka Tours. And then because of the recent earthquake the search pages are kinda dominated by that. Then your left to the arbitrary mercy of the higher numbered pages of a Google search result.

I did find one good one, Further Than You Think, which is written by an American ex-pat. Which is kinda typical of the Americans. Not only do they come over here and steal all our blogs but they’re in NZ as well doing the same. Whoever said that Americans don’t travel much is clearly a big fat liar!

So if you’ve any ideas about good New Zealand blogs, especially focussed on the South Island, that look at music, writing, drinking, eating and life in general then be a sport and link me up below.

Mountains in New Zealand

A nice picture of some New Zealand mountains, taken by my brother Adam.

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2 comments on “Who’s there?
  1. whitney2c says:

    Thanks for the shout out. I do the same thing when I travel (browse expat blogs) and it can be hard to find stuff that doesn’t follow traditional travel writing formulas. It may take some digging, but I hope you find some good stuff!

    I wish I knew of any good blogs to point you towards… If you have any questions about NZ though, I’m happy to help you out.

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