In a bit

When did it all start and how come everyone is in on it?

This shortened throwaway three-word-whimsy has become the phrase on everyone’s lips. It seems to have replaced the ‘laters’ and the ‘take it easy’ to be the phrase of choice when saying goodbye and farewell.

It’s origins are obvious: ‘I’ll see you in a bit’ is a phrase I’m happy saying to friends and family. Now, through our ever-shortening norms we’ve lost ownership of the phrase, as if we know that next time we won’t see each but we’ll talk via text, on a Facebook wall, or in an email.

Maybe we’re using it as we’re too busy for a full sentence of complimentary closure. Time is money, we’re too busy to stop, not enough time to speak fully. We only the want the top level, the executive summary, the outline, the basis. Details are for others to worry about, I haven’t the time to stop and listen. Just get me up to speed.

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4 comments on “In a bit
  1. Isaac says:

    Too late, the world has moved on from "iab" to "Talk to you".

  2. Are you still saying "talk to you"? It is all about "miss this face" now.

  3. "Miss this face", bah. "Later, Christian Slater", that's where it's at with the 38-year-old kids these days.

  4. Gowman says:

    Nah, it's Later, Kelly Slater (the fella from Saved by the Bell)

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